Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30917
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30918
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30919
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30920
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30921
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30922
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30923
Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)-30924

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Bundle - Probus PT-66800A Android AIO POS System, Scanner & Drawer (Software Included)



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Quick Overview

A compact and compelte bundle of POS Software and Hardware - Probus PT-66800A 10.1" true Android all-in-One POS system with inbult receipt printer, Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Barcode Scanner & Vpos EC410 Cash Drawer.

One-time investment "No monthly subscription required"

Solutions for: Retail, Hospitality

For Volume Pricing - Call 1300 183 340

POS Bundle of Probus PT-88800 All-in-One POS System, Barcode Scanner & Cash Drawer

      • Probus PT-66800A 10.1″ True All In One POS System / Android (Inbuilt Software)
      • Datalogic QuickScan I QD2131 1D Imager Stand USB Black
      • Vpos EC410 4 Note 8 Coin Cash Drawer 24V Black

A Compact and Complete Android POS bundle with High Performance at a one-time investment *No monthly subscription required.

A complete android pos bundle includes Probus PT-66800A 10.1″ True All-in-One POS system (Android), Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Barcode Scanner & Vpos EC410 Cash Drawer and it is suitable for Cafe, Food Trucks, Juice Center, Food court, School Canteen, Take Away Restaurants.

A complete Point-Of-Sales system in a single device

PROBUS 66800 has a modern look that blends into your business seamlessly. It comes with all the essential tools: point-of-sales hardware includes an inbuilt printer and external cash drawer, sales software, Scanner, customizable configuration, and data export. The use is simple and seamless so you can focus on running your shop, restaurant, or other business.

Easy to set up and use

The set-up is seamless: just unbox the package, switch the PROBUS 66800-A on and you are ready to start making sales. Importing your existing products and prices and adding a new one will take just a couple of minutes. You can use our built-in configuration utility, right from the Probus 66800-A touch screen. Or, to make the process more efficient, use the PC Configurator running on a computer that is connected to your PROBUS 66800-A via your local network. The PC Configurator allows you to modify items in bulk, sort and search, import and export product and price information.

Quick Billing with touch interface

PROBUS 66800-A has a large 10 operator touch screen and a built-in customer display. It requires less manual work as orders, table management, sales can be done just by a touch.

Portable and compact design

Its portable and compact design allows you to work seamlessly in a space constraint area like food trucks or when you do food fairs or events. PROBUS 66800-A includes everything you need. PROBUS 66800-A is compact and saves your counter space, yet delivers plenty of processing power for all the required tasks in your business. There are multiple ports to add accessories and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The all-in-one design declutters working space while maintaining a fully functional sales point, which allows your sales point to have more space at the checkout to display high-margin merchandise or for other value-adding activities.

Inbuilt printer

The inbuilt printer provides you immediate print-out of the receipt with just a click with a printing speed of 100mm/s and reliability to print more than 100km of receipt length.

Morden Sleek Design

Its sleek and stylish design goes amazingly well with your business space interior. The all-in-one design ensures there are no extra cables so your checkout point is neat and uncluttered.

Seamlessly Does High Volumes Job

PROBUS 66800-A allows you to punch orders rapidly without any hassle. It does a high-volume job seamlessly.

All the Information in One Place

PROBUS 66800-A will give you instant information about the results. You can print out tax reports, see which products are the bestsellers, follow the performance of your sales staff, etc. You can print this information directly on the device, read the reports on your PC or analyze them in MS Excel . Keep the reports for record or share with your accountant and tax authorities.

Customizable Layouts According to your Business Needs

With PROBUS 66800-A, you can customize the layouts and create one that works best for your business. You can change the look or function of the existing ones or create new buttons on the screen. the Layout Configurator will let you do that with ease. Simply tap on empty space to add a new button, chose the size, function, and color and you re done. You can also add images of products to the buttons to make use of the device even easier.

The Hardware is Built with Sturdy Material

The hardware is designed for 24/7 operations in tough commercial environments. There are no moving parts inside and the hardware is fan-less, therefore completely silent. this kind of design also increases the lifespan of the device so you can rest assured your investment is safe.

Attach Multiple Devices

With PROBUS 66800-A, you can attach multiple devices such as barcode scanners, scales. If you have a restaurant or caf use kitchen printers to let your kitchen staff know about the order as soon as it is placed. You can have up to 4 kitchen printers. you can also attach a scanner to scan the product to increase your productivity. if you sell products or groceries by weight you can connect digital scales to get the reading automatically on your device.

Cloud-Based Back-Office Inventory Management System

with the help of a cloud-based back-office inventory management system, you can access the real-time business data from anywhere using an internet browser and it allows all the sales and purchase data to be kept in one place.

More about this POS terminal please visit Probus POS

Need support We’ve got your back!

Should you need support, our 24*7 support team will connect to your device remotely to resolve the issue. no need to wait for a technician to arrive or to bring the device in or for the long phone calls, trying to describe the issue.


Datalogic QuickScan I QD2131, 90A052058 cable/stand Kit, USB, Black

The QuickScan QD2131 linear imager is the latest addition to the QuickScan corded scanner family. This imager features an extended depth of field allowing the user to read bar codes from distance. The imager produces an extra-long sharp scanning line for reading longer bar codes at a closer distance. The imager comes with an enhanced decoder enabling the user to capture a linear bar code, whether printed or displayed on a screen, quickly and accurately. The ergonomic design of the imager provides users with comfort even during long hours of use. It also shares the same accessories with the QD2400 2D imagers.


Vpos EC410 4 Note 8 Coin Cash Drawer 24V Black

    • Solid Steel Construction
    • 4 Note Holders, 8 Coin Slots
    • 2 Cheque Slots
    • Steel Runners & Derlon Rollers
    • 24V Solenoid
    • 1.6M Cable
    • RJ12 plug (Standard Receipt Printer Connector)
    • Black Colour
    • 410mm (width) x 415mm (depth) x 110mm (height)
    • 36 Months Return To Base Warranty

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