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OnlyPOS bacode ScannerWelcome to OnlyPOS's comprehensive lineup of barcode scanners. Designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries, our range of scanners offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility. Whether you're looking for handheld scanners for retail environments or wireless scanners for warehouse management, we have the perfect solution for you. Choose your perfect barcode scanner from OnlyPOS or call us for help.

Barcode Scanners


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Barcode Scanners for Your Business

Whether you are looking to scan a product in a supermarket, pharmacy or retail store, update inventory or you are at an event wanting to scan the barcodes on wristbands of participants entering a stadium/ an event area, you would need Barcode Scanners or Readers.

Barcode Scanners are widely used to capture and read the information contained in a barcode to be converted as data into a computer, tablet or POS. Automating the data collection process can help organizations to reduce human error and expedite tasks such as tracking inventory, managing assets, and monitoring point-of-sale transactions.

Barcode Scanners/Readers could be wired or wireless depending on the need of the industry. 1D barcodes or one-dimensional barcodes that hold a smaller capacity for information are the more common barcodes that could be read by scanners like image and laser scanners. 2D barcodes store information both horizontally and vertically and hold a larger storage capacity.

Industry Use

In the hospitality industry and in the retail industry like supermarket, any store or shop, barcode scanners or POS Barcode Readers are very useful as it decreases check out time and create a good experience for customers and employee and Most of the businesses have equipped themselves with scanners as it reduces manual work by 80%. If you are looking for a barcode scanner, you are in right place. Let us help you find the best one for your business.

Types of POS Barcode Scanners/Readers:  

  1. 1D Contact Scanners: The most basic is your Contact Scanner. You have to get right up to the barcode and contact the barcode and it scans. It only does 1D barcodes which are your traditional lines. So, it’s the basic model.
  2. Laser Barcode Scanners: The next level up is your laser scanner. this is our best-selling scanner in the barcode scanning category. It is good for pretty much all retail environments that have 1D barcodes. It has beam come out. As you hit the trigger, it scans.
    The handle-less type of scanner also has a hands-free stand mode, so you can take the barcode to the beam, which allows you to work freely as your one hand is not occupied with the scanner.
  3. Basic Imager: Your next level up is your basic imager, this adds a lot of functionality. When you hit the trigger a grid of light comes out of the device. What this allows you to do, is instead of having to be perfectly lined up like where the beam has to be perpendicular, it is omnidirectional now. So, you can scan it at any angle, and this makes checkout a lot quicker since you don’t have to perfectly line up an item. You can just bring it over as long as the light is on the barcode, it’ll scan.
  4. Wireless barcode scanner allows you to move freely around your workplace. This kind of scanner helps immensely to bring your scanner to bulky and heavy object instead of dragging it to a scanner which increases productivity.
  5. The USB barcode scanner is a wired device and also a great option if your workplace requires scanning from the same place as a wired option will restrict the long movement.
  6. Bluetooth scanners function similarly to a wired scanner except that they communicate via Bluetooth to the computer or to your mobile device directly,

These are all barcode scanner options.  We have all types of barcode scanner options available on our website at a great affordable price, click at

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