Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are devices used to produce a physical copy of a transaction or payment receipt. These printers are commonly employed in various industries, including retail, hospitality, banking, and healthcare.

Buy a receipt printer considering with factors such as printing speed, connectivity options, durability, and paper handling capabilities, based on the specific needs of the business or application. Popular brands in the receipt printer market include Epson, Star Micronics, Bixolon, and Zebra Technologies.

Receipt Printers


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Best Receipt Printers in Australia

In the business world, the receipt printer takes the lead, turning monetary transactions into a traceable symphony of confirmation. Receipt printers can be spotted in various places around you, including grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, multiplexes, brand shops, liquor stores, and even food trucks. They play a widespread role in these settings, helping to generate receipts for transactions in different types of businesses.

The era of manually crafting receipts with the traditional tools of pen and paper has gracefully faded into the past. The cumbersome act of inscribing every transaction with a pen has been replaced by the seamless precision of modern receipt generation methods.

Whether you visit a large retail supermarket for a single-item purchase or a café where you place an order, receiving a receipt at the end of the transaction is made possible by using a receipt printer. These printers come in various sizes, including large, compact, and other types, facilitating the issuance of transaction receipts in different settings.

Receipt Printers are available for Sale in Australia have following components: printhead, cutter, paper feed mechanism, control board, and power supply.

Based on Printhead, these are divided into Impact Receipt Printers or Thermal Printers. Impact printers use a ribbon and striking mechanism, while thermal printers use heat to create images on thermal paper. Printheads in Receipt printing involves the activation of heat-sensitive elements on thermal paper to produce characters and images.

Receipt Printer Machines have two types of paper feeder mechanisms namely Continuous form feed and Friction-feed. Also, receipt cutter variations are No cutter and Auto-cutter types.

The printers come in different connections/interfaces the most common ones being Serial, USB or Ethernet. A few are available with Bluetooth interface too. With easy to use features, fast printing speeds and superior reliability, Thermal Receipt Printers have found their way into innumerable businesses across the world. Popular thermal receipt printers are from the brands of Epson, Bixolon, Citizen, Star, Posiflex, Sam4S and Sewoo, etc. These affordable printers come with a 1-year return to base warranty. Cash drawers where needed could be connected to thermal receipt printers and at the end of each transaction, one can print receipts.

OnlyPOS houses a myriad range of thermal receipt printers which when required could be bundled and bought with paper rolls and cash drawers for customers who need to set up their businesses. For specific software applications like UberEats, Doordash etc., we stock Bluetooth Printers from Star and Epson that fit the need. Several businesses have purchased and continue to use the printers successfully.

Come and shop for affordable and reliable receipt printers, only at OnlyPOS.

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