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Mobile Computers


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Introduction of handheld devices, PDTs and Scanner Computing Devices have significantly increased the pace of workflow. So, whether you are at the workstation or warehouse, does not matter, as long as you are carrying a handheld mobile computer. Along with data entry a mobile computer can perform tasks such as managing inventory, keeping track of assests, and deliveries.

Mobile computers operate on either Windows, Android, or Linux operating systems. Therefore, users quickly get familiar with the interface as its functionality is similar to a desktop computer. Android handheld barcode scanners are easiest to use thanks to our smartphones.

Types of Mobile Computers

Portable Data Terminals come in varieties of shapes and sizes and are broadly categorized into six types:
1. Key-Based : The Key-Based are used where manual data entry is required. The alphanumeric keyboards give your fingers easier access to all the keys and thus increase your speed. This type of mobile computer comes with scanning and processing functions built in the same device.
2. Pen-Based or Touch Screen: In this type of mobile computers, the key-board is replaced with a touch-screen. If your work requires you to go on the field and collect the data then pen-based models are a perfect solution as they can even fit in your pocket and are also known as handheld mobile computer.
3. Vehicle-Mounted Terminals: These PDTs are particularly designed for larger industrial vehicles such as trucks. Their hardcore built makes them perfect to face any kind of environment. The vehicle-mounted mobile computers come in both keyboard and touch-screen types. They can also be mounted on forklifts and carts.
4. Wearable Data Terminals: Wearable PDT provide a comfortable and easy-to-implement productivity-enhancing tool for mobile operators who regularly need to scan. This devices make your hand free to move. Now it comes with the advance voice based technology for picking, packing, and shipping in warehouse.
5. Tablets: Tables is little bigger size than handheld computers, design is very rugged for mobile working environment for transmitting data over high-speed network with larger screen operator.
6. PDT for Hazardous environment
Some Manufactures develops the mobile terminals devices specifically for environments with potential high temperature working area. Example: in manufacturing industries.

Benefits of Mobile Computers

The integration of bar code scan engine allows you to edit and update the information as soon as you capture it.

Some other huge benefits that mobile handheld barcode scanner provides are:

  • Expandable memory via memory card slots
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect with printers, modems, etc.
  • Use of integrated cellular service to stay connected with phone
  • Able to connect to high-speed WLAN or WWAN networks
  • Access databases stored in cloud using Wi-Fi technology

Handheld mobile computers now have penetrated deeply into the market due to their mobile service and easy-to-handle design.

Best-selling products like zebra handheld scanner – made by Zebra Technologies – provide durability even in hazardous environments. Bringing all the major functions, which required a large system, into a compact device has made customers happy to choose the later one.

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