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Label Printers


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About the Label/Barcode Printers

Got a business that needs labels or stickers to be stuck on products? Labels could be significant to promote the brand of a company in terms of being catchy and creative. They are also a great way to let customers see offers and discounts on individual products. Customized cost-effective labels could be designed and printed using Desktop or Heavy-duty Label or Sticker Printers.

Also called as label makers or sticker printers, these label printers can be used to print barcodes as well that are easily accessebile using scan machines for faster billlings. 

These Label creating machines can vary from printing 2 to 8-inch labels. Smaller printers that print 2 to 4inch labels can be used in space constrained areas are designed to print high-quality labels, receipts, tags and wristbands, etc. With big business functionality, these are easy to use, operate and troubleshoot, maximizing printer uptime. Ideal for retail and other low to mid-volume label applications, 2-inch printers can fit into areas where other printers cannot while optimizing productivity. The printers allow for easy media loading and are easy to use.


Print Mechanisms

Several types of print mechanisms are in use that include laser and impact, but thermal printer mechanism is probably among the most common printing techniques. Depending on the volume of label printing a business can choose between which printer to purchase. Heavy duty industrial label printers can be used in industries like manufacturing, transport and retail. These are used to track work in process, printing product ID or serial numbers, order picking or packing, compliance labeling or back of store operations. Some companies like Zebra also manufacture RFID Industrial printers that could be used among the above industries in Healthcare and warehouse management also.

The Labels used are self-adhesive thermal for Thermal Printers and Plain Permanent for Thermal Transfer Printers coupled with ribbons. Depending on how long the label must last, one can chose between direct thermal or thermal transfer printers. Specialized labels in volume can be custom made as well.


Benefits of Label Printers

1) Saves Money – In a case where you need to get few thousand products labeled it is always a better idea to handle your own printing. Using a label printer will save you a huge chunk of money than going to a third party printing service.

2) User-Friendly – The label printers these days have becomes effectively easy to install and use. All you need is a right software installed on your computer, then add the text that you need on the label, insert the blank label inside the printer and give the command to print.

3) Create your Own Labels – A label printer with keyboard allows you to insert the text and get the printing done directly without using a computer. Such industrial label printers help you to print labels on demand and save time and money.

4) Prints Barcodes – The POS barcode printers have the ability to print barcodes. Barcodes carry detailed information about the product and allow you to keep track of inventory. An industrial label printer, with the help of barcodes, keeps the track of products.


OnlyPOS Australia has a range of label maker printers from the house of Zebra, TSC, Bixolon, Citizen and Brother, to name a few. Commensurate labels and ribbons where applicable, are available in different sizes. Mobile label printers are available from various brands too on the website. Please call us today to assess your barcode printing requirements.

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