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Portable Barcode Scanner


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Portable Barcode Scanner

Portable Barcode Scanner saves time and energy by allowing users to relocate the scanner to the inventory rather than dragging the inventory to the scanner. A portable handheld scanner offers a longer scanning range, sometimes reaching 10 meters, which can improve productivity to the maximum level. We provide mobile, mini and digital portable barcode scanners online in Australia.

There are best data collector portable barcode scanners that feature internal memory, which allow users to store multiple scans without being in close proximity to the dock or cradle base station. We also offer cordless scanners that can be used with iPads, iPhones, or Android phones.

With the Xenon barcode scanner’s solid-state heavy-duty construction and no moving parts, it offers 3 focal options (high density, standard range, and extended range), which provide superior productivity and Omni Directional Reading. The Nexa works with both iPads and iPhones so you can continue to use the on-screen keyboard with just a touch of a button, a capability that many Bluetooth scanners don’t offer.

Honeywell Portable barcode scanner comes with good features, such as USB, RS-232, a Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx Interface Bluetooth, Pitch Scan Performance, HD Focus Charging, and a Communication Cradle, and has Bluetooth range of 10 meters. This DATALOGIC PM9500 scanner has a standard range imaging camera, a removable battery, and 433 MHz wireless communication; optional displays and keypads are available. We offer the best Cipherlab 8200 Ethernet Cradle online at OnlyPos.com.au, Australia.

We offer fast shipping of barcode scanners in Australia. At onlypos.com.au you will find the best solution for portable barcode scanners. These include top manufacturer brands like Cipherlab, Datalogic, Honeywell, Nexa, and they are compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and more.

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