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Clever Shops Socket DuraScan D750 2D Barcode Scanner (Construction Orange)

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Socket Mobile DuraScan D750 is a pro-level barcode scanner. It scans both 2 and 1 dimensional barcodes while displaying exceptional scanning abilities: providing advanced data editing capabilities and scanning imperfect barcodes while providing omni-directional scanning. Made with a highly durable, IP54-rated outer casing, including antimicrobial material.

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Socket Mobile DuraScan D750 2D Barcode Scanner

The DuraScan D750 is a pro-level barcode scanner. It scans both 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes while displaying exceptional scanning abilities: scanning several barcodes at once, providing data editing capabilities, scanning fine pitch barcodes and imperfect barcodes, while providing omni-directional scanning. Made with a highly durable, IP54-rated outer casing, including antimicrobial material, the D750 was built for industrial needs and conditions.

The LED-based aimer works clearly in both indoor and outdoor settings while the motion tolerance provides faster scans, as well as extended scanning range. Befitting the needs of customer-facing applications, the D750’s abilities make it an excellent scanning companion in most any situation.


  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices with long-range Bluetooth connection of 330 feet (100m).
  • Certified by Apple for iOS devices Guaranteed Compatibility – With our SDK integrated in over 700+ applications, Socket Mobile scanners are one of the most natively integrated scanners available today and are 100% compatible with any application out-of-the-box in HID (keyboard emulation) mode.
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows devices and applications
  • Scanning Rapid 2D & 1D omni-directional barcode scanning with highly visible and safe LED aimer, suited for environments prohibiting lasers
  • Decoding Ability – Reads damaged, poorly printed, overlaid or colored barcodes. The scanner corrects many barcode imperfections.
  • Motion Tolerance – Allows for faster scanning (steady hands not required).
  • LED Aimer – Safe, yet pronounced, highly visibly red LED scanning line (easily aims in low light or indoor environment).
  • User Indicators Intuitive LEDs, Bluetooth connection, battery level and scanning status
  • User Feedback – Audible tones and hand pulsation
  • Exceptional Ergonomics – Small, lightweight, and fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods.
  • Data Editing – Add or remove characters and control characters
  • Long lasting Battery – Power to last over 16 hours
  • Rugged Design Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing protection. Withstands multiple drops to concrete and repeated tumbles.
  • Auto Scan Mode – Provides continuous scanning capabilities without pressing scan button.
  • Protective Material – Made with antimicrobial additives to help protect against harmful bacteria.
  • Application Integration Socket Mobile s Capture SDK enables easy integration in your applications to improve business productivity with fast, efficient and reliable data transfer over Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Wearable – Includes lanyard/belt clip. Holster and Durable Retractable Clip available (sold separately)


  • D750 Barcode Scanner & Rechargeable Battery (Pre-Installed)
  • USB Type C Cable
  • Lanyard/Belt Clip with Retractable tether

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