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CINO, specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode scanning solutions. They offer a variety of barcode scanners that are used in industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. These scanners are designed to quickly and accurately read different types of barcodes, including linear barcodes and 2D codes like QR codes.

CINO barcode scanners typically come in various form factors, including handheld, presentation, and fixed-mount scanners, to suit different usage scenarios. Some of their scanners are wired, connecting to a computer or terminal via USB or other interfaces, while others are wireless and can connect via Bluetooth or other wireless technologies.

CINO barcode scanners likely come in various models, each with different features, capabilities, and compatibility. Some common types of barcode scanners include:

Handheld Imagers

These are the most common type of barcode scanners. They can be held by hand and manually aimed at barcodes to read them. Handheld scanners are versatile and can be used in various industries.

Companion Scanners

These compact yet rugged, portability with the mobility of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Powered by the exclusive FuzzyScan imaging technology, you get Cino industry-leading scanning performance to scan all your needs. Companion Scanners delivers a competitive edge for mobile barcode capture that require unrestricted agility and high reliability, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, field service and more.

On-Counter Scanners

Cino On-counter scanners or presentation scanner is design with the customer’s satisfaction and shopping experience in mind. Its fashionable and compact appearance, ultimate reading performance and versatile stand design, well-suited for retail, commercial, hospitality, and transportation applications.

Fixed Mount Scanners

Cino is designed exceptional performance into a small formbody. They can read virtually any barcode in any condition, including those from damaged, low contrast, or distorted labels. Moreover, its compact size allows for easy integrations with various devices.






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